Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Update on Tonights Community Meeting

Joining us for our meeting were Rep. Jim Weider, who attended so that he could learn more about the serious issuses we Grand Islanders are facing. Rep. Weidner, who grew up in Yamhill county and stated he had spent alot of time on the Island in his youth also took a short tour of the Island after the meeting was over. Also attending were his chief-of-staff and Mary Starrett, who is running for Yamhill County Commissioner in November. Mary has been interested in our plight for some time now.We were glad to have them all join us. The group discussed ways to promote our cause. Neil made a great flyer and Katie had the postcards ready, along with the stamps to mail them with. If anyone wants any flyers to pass out let me know and I will get them to you. Also contact Katie for the postcards. If you would like a 2 square foot magnetized sign for your car or pickup or tractor the cost is $10. Beth is taking care of that. We also discussed having t-shirts made for people to wear at the Commissioners Hearing.

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