Friday, August 6, 2010

..Recent e-mail to The Yamhill County Planning Dept..

....It's seems our planning dept has no answers for us about this question..What kind of "pumps" are not listed anywhere in Baker Rock's application, nor were they even considered or added to their DEQ Noise Study that was submitted with their application for a zone change..Kerrie G. Standlee of Daly-Standlee & Associates ( they did the noise study for this application ) wrote..:In responce to your question about a dewatering pump, yes a dewatering pump could influence the ambient noise level in your area and the amount of sound generated by such a pump could depend on whether it was electric or diesel powered."


I have forwarded your question on to the applicant. It would also be a good question to ask at the hearing. Ken Friday

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Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 10:54 AM
To: Ken Friday
Subject: question/Baker Rock application

..Mr. Friday..Since I am sure that your office has read and studied the app, maybe you can answer my question or direct me to the part of the app that covers this..What does Baker Rock intend to use for pumping out the water from the mine cells..Are they using an electric motor or Diesel motor for their pumps..And will these pumps be running 24 hours a day..How many gallons per minute will they be pumping out?..Please place this e-mail into the formal record for the Commissioners Hearing for this application..Thank you..Margaret Scoggan

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