Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fighting Crime

Attorney General Kroger's highest priority is to fight crime in Oregon. Our Criminal Justice Division is comprised of dedicated prosecutors, investigators and analysts who work tirelessly to fight organized crime, protect children, investigate potential terrorism threats, and assist district attorneys across the state with murder and large-scale drug trafficking cases.

In the coming years we will focus on six major law enforcement priorities:

  • Prosecuting murderers with our law enforcement partners;
  • Fighting dangerous foreign drug cartels;
  • Combatting violent gangs;
  • Protecting our children from internet sex predators;
  • Investigating and prosecuting corrupt government officials; and
  • Providing our law enforcement partners with investigative and prosecutorial support.

Aggressive law enforcement is only one part of our plan to make Oregon safer. We are also pushing for a major overhaul of Oregon's drug treatment and prevention programs. Our criminal justice system is driven by substance abuse. Every year drug and alcohol addiction costs us hundreds of millions of dollars in prison and law enforcement expenses, health care expenditures, and lost workforce productivity. Addiction is also the single greatest cause of property crime in Oregon. Even worse, meth is a leading cause of child abuse in Oregon. That is one reason why Oregon received a "D" on a recent child welfare report card issued by a leading advocacy group. This is simply unacceptable

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